Why Fashion Handbags Make Good Gifts (And Perfume Doesn’t)

I’ve been with my girlfriend for more than a herve leger and we’re getting pretty serious. I knew I had to get her something nice for Christmas. She’s the kind of girl who enjoys nice things, looks good, dresses well, hair and nails always done. I couldn’t just get her a pair of earrings and call it good. So I’d been planning what to buy her for a while.

I knew that she loves Ed Hardy apparel, so I figured I could get her a couple of Ed herve leger uk bags. But two might be too much. I figured girls like to smell good, so I could get her one bag and a bottle of expensive perfume. That would probably suffice.

I looked around her closet at her fashion handbags and saw which Ed Hardy bags she already had – I didn’t want to get her the same one, I’d never hear the end of it. But one similar to one she had would be a good idea. I knew how she smelled, and I knew what I liked so when I went to the mall and chose her a herve leger australia perfume and a brand new bag, I knew I was good.

I was talking to my mom that Wednesday before Christmas and she Herve Leger Double Shoulder Bandage Dress in Yellow/Black
asked what I bought Nicole for Christmas. I told her, and she said that I was dumb. “Why?” “Because you never get a girl perfume – clothes are one thing, a bag okay, but perfume, tsk tsk tsk.” This got me really worried and even when I told her how much herve leger she said, “It doesn’t matter! What if she doesn’t like it? She’ll probably tell you to her face.” But I was confident, foolhardy maybe, but confident. I said, “If I like it, I bet you she’ll like it.”

Finally Christmas Eve came, which christian louboutin sale we were going to exchange presents since Christmas day we were spending with our families. First she unwrapped her bag. She loved it, as I knew she would. She hugged me and kissed me and everything. Then I gave her the perfume. She was surprised there was somethingherve leger so I felt good about that. But when she sprayed it she said, “Oh. It’s so – floral.” Her face fell and I found myself staring at the wrinkles around her mouth. “You don’t like it?” I asked. “No, it’s fine. I just wished you had bought me a couple of those Ed Hardy bags instead.”

Just goes to show, you always listen to your mother, especially when buying gifts for your girlfriend.

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